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Saturday, November 27, 2010

VII - Julan

Fen spent the following days doing chores for Skink-in-Tree’s-Shade, an Argonian that took up residence in the Mages’ Guild in Sadrith Mora. Edwinna had run out of jobs for her to do shortly after she had delivered the notes to Cosades and had sent her along to the guildhall there. Fen found that she missed going into the Dwemer ruins Edwinna sent her to, but Skink was much kinder than the other stewards she had encountered so far, and put her in no rush for any of the tasks he set her to.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

VI - The Nerevarine Cult

“Good work, Fen,” Caius said, taking the notes from her and glancing them over. “Now, these cover the Sixth House admirably, but don’t touch much on the Nerevarine cult.” He folded up the notes and tripped over a boot on his way to store them in his lockbox. “I want you to go talk to this Sharn gra-Muzgob Hasphat mentions. She’s in your guild, you might know her. Get some information about the Nerevarine cult, then come back here. She’ll probably have you do some ridiculous task as well, but just do it.” He dismissed her promptly, and Fen detoured into the Eight Plates for a brief dinner, then over the Mages’ Guild to talk to Sharn gra-Muzgob, as it was only just evening. She had never actually spoken to Sharn, a heavyset Orcish woman with a sullen face and a head of dark braids that looked like snakes, for she always either looked very angry or very busy. Now Fen approached her cautiously where the woman was examining a shelf of potions, looking irritated.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

V - Arkngthand

Fenara spent the following weeks traveling to various Dwemer ruins under the instruction of Edwinna Elbert, fetching various artifacts and rare books and plans for her. Her days fell into a pattern, and Fenara found herself growing comfortable with entering the ruins. It was odd, for they were all dark and eerily silent save for the occasional clicking spider, but Fenara found that she felt oddly at home inside them, and she often dwelled as long as she could in the ruins, trying to make sense of the script along the walls and admiring the intricacy of the artifacts she found there.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

IV - Dwemer Ruins

Fenara’s prediction proved to be correct. She spent her first day in Ald’ruhn teleporting to other guildhalls and fetching potions and books and ingredients and all other manner of things for Edwinna. When Edwinna was finally out of chores for her to do, Fenara went up to her room, exhausted, and fell asleep almost immediately. The next morning, Edwinna sent her straight to Maar Gan, a settlement north of Ald’ruhn, to check on someone called Huleen who she hadn’t seen in a while.