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Saturday, September 29, 2012

II - Jewel of Absolutely Nowhere

“Many would argue that her madness lessened any greatness she had,” Queen Barenziah said, taking a serene sip of wine and setting the cup down with a small clink upon the tiled table. Fen absentmindedly swilled the dark drink in her own goblet. Almalexia was mad, she thought to herself.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

I - Pointless

 A couple things:
1) I'm sorry this chapter is a day late! I was pretty sick yesterday and wasn't able to post it.
2) This chapter is where my vision of Morrowind and Mournhold especially begin to deviate slightly from the game. Nothing major, but just keep it in mind as you read. Thanks!

A young Dunmer woman reading a dirty broadsheet lowered it slowly, grim-faced. She leaned back, rubbing her eyes and letting her head rest on the back of the couch she was curled upon. She heard the door open, and she looked up.

Saturday, September 1, 2012


The signs were troubling.
An aging man pored over the cracked plate of shredded leaves and crushed berries, mixed with bonemeal in a mortar and spread out over the surface of the clay. He had read the signs for years as they showed him coming storms, a successful hunt, a rot that would take many trees from the forests around the village. He listened to the words the wind carried to him, whispers of Imperial sails in the south and soft-handed men striding ashore, mutterings of the strife that wracked the great continent far below. But those things were far from them, and he paid them little mind.