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Saturday, October 30, 2010

III - The Guild of Mages

For a while after she woke, Fenara lay in her narrow bed, wondering what was left for her to do. She had met with all of the Blades Trainers, but Cosades had told her to sign on with one of the local guilds. And her grandmother had told the head of the Mages’ Guild in Balmora to expect a friend. After a time, Fenara pulled herself out of bed, combed back her hair, and went outside to a chilly, but surprisingly clear morning. She found the Mages’ Guildhall in a crowded street lined with storefronts and crates, which she navigated carefully to reach the right building. It had an old wooden sign in front of it, creaking slightly in the breeze, and its doorway was lit with a blue lantern.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

II - The Blades Trainers

Fenara awoke with a start, still on her narrow bed with the letter from her father lying beside her. Feeling frustratingly disoriented, she shut the letter in the single book that was sitting on a shelf over her bed and stood up, stumbling over to the cabinets. She yanked one open and found a stale loaf of bread, which she didn’t even bother with. The rest of the cabinets were dusty and bare, so Fenara resigned to having to go out to get food. She found a tattered robe in the closet, which she donned in favor of the ragged dress she had been sporting, and slipped on a pair of thick guar hide shoes that hid in a dark corner of the closet. She found an old wooden comb in a drawer and untangled most of the snarls from her hair, then tied it back in a braid out of her face and went outside, feeling significantly refreshed.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

I - Empty

Effe-Tei looked up from the scroll he was reading, his pointed reptilian face emotionless as the doors to the Reception Chamber opened and the guards pushed Fenara through, not bothering to stand at attention and simply leaving the way they came.
“This one falls,” Effe-Tei said, quickly getting to his feet and hurrying over on hobbling lizard steps to where Fenara was curled on the mosaic floor, sobbing. “Princess?”
“Effe-Tei?” Fenara said, looking up at him. Her tear-streaked face brightened at the sight of the Argonian, and as soon as he had helped her to her feet she threw herself into his arms.


The finely lacquered doors swung open simultaneously, each one pushed by a guard in rose-colored armor. The guards held the doors back and stood at attention on either side as a young woman entered. Her crimson eyes were downcast, her thin, dark hair greasy from going unwashed for months hanging lankly down her back. Yet her narrow face was still exquisitely lovely, with high cheekbones and careful features that set her apart from most other Dunmer maidens that sported the common arched brows and pursed lips.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Table of Contents

I - Empty
II - The Blades Trainers
III - The Guild of Mages
IV - Dwemer Ruins
V - Arkngthand
VI - The Nerevarine Cult
VII - Julan
VIII - Vivec
IX - Red Mountain
X - Mashti Kaushibael
XI - The Urshilaku Camp
XII - The Nerevarine Prophecies
XIII - Ilunibi
XIV - Corprus
XV - Tel Fyr
XVI - The Ministry of Truth
XVII - Holamayan
XVIII - Shani (part 1)
XIX - Shani (part 2)
XX - Kogoruhn
XXI - The Cavern of the Incarnate
XXII - Explanations
XXIII - The Bones of Han-Sashael
XXIV - The Zainab Camp
XXV - The Eribenimsun Camp
XXVI - House Redoran (part 1)
XXVII - House Redoran (part 2)
XXVIII - House Hlaalu
XXIX - House Telvanni
XXX - Hortator and Nerevarine
XXXI - The Living God
XXXII - Ghostgate
XXXIII - Sunder
XXXIV - Assault on Red Mountain
XXXV - The Citadel of Dagoth Ur
XXXVI - The Second Numidium
XXXVII - The Final Meeting

I - The Assassin
II - The Dark Brotherhood
III - Of Public Opinion
IV - Temple Informant
V - Disloyalty
VI - Evidence of Conspiracy
VII - A Delicate Matter
VIII - The Common Tongue
IX - An Unusual Army
X - The Shrine of the Dead
XI - Almalexia
XII - The Day of Lights
XIII - The Plot
XIV - The End of Times
XV - The Weather Witch
XVI - A Missing Hand
XVII - The Blade of Nerevar
XVIII - Trueflame
XIX - The Clockwork City
XX - The Mad God
XXI - Return to Mournhold
XXII - Grim Advice


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