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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Why I am excited about Skyrim

Originally posted on my Twitter, thought I'd share here as well. You guys have been an amazing support for OoM for the past year, and I really appreciate it. Have fun playing Skyrim tonight!

[Will not be relevant to you unless you're one of my gamer followers, although you're welcome to read in any case]. We have just under seven hours to go until Skyrim, and I just wanted to take a minute or two to explain just WHY I'm so creepily obsessed with it. I grew up playing old games like DOOM and Tomb Raider with my sisters on our family computer (not really playing...I was kind of forced to sit and watch), and after a while my sisters got involved in other things and I still liked to hang around in these huge, amazing fantasy worlds. There was just something about the way you could become a completely different person in a completely different land that fascinated me, and I've been gaming since then. The first real game that I played and took it from being a hobby to a serious activity was Morrowind. I bought Morrowind in early 2006 after playing it briefly at a friend's house, and I have no words to describe how incredible the impact that game had on me was. I wasn't even aware of Oblivion until a year later when I joined the official forums, so Skyrim is going to be the first game that I have been really excited for releasing. It used to be that being a girl in the gaming world was a drastic rarity, and the misconception that video games were only for teenage boys got passed around pretty quickly. Since I've joined the gaming world, though, its demographic has expanded amazingly, and being a girl gamer isn't such a big deal anymore. The official forums were the first place that I really admitted that I was a girl and that I was into gaming, and only in the last year or so have I started telling my friends and peers. I used to be embarrassed about it for some reason, but the [amazing] community on the official forums has shown me that games aren't just designed for pimply teenage boys in their basements. Games are for anyone who wants to lose themselves for a few hours in an amazing, beautiful world with a drastically different culture and history and experience something they might have never otherwise experienced. Because of The Elder Scrolls, I've not only become more comfortable with the activities I enjoy, but I've also become more comfortable with myself. I've met some incredible people through my love of The Elder Scrolls, and this is the first TES release that I will get to experience alongside those people. So, followers, if you've been annoyed with me for the past few months with the constant Skyrim tweets, I apologize, but I hope I've cleared up the reason this means so much to me. Skyrim - for me, at least - will be far more than just a game.

So I'd like to thank all of you guys, whether you be real life friends, random Twitter followers, or fellow forumites, for being there and for sharing in [and tolerating] my excitement for this game. It won't be long now, my friends, so raise your mead and send a dragon shout my way. FUS RO DAH!

Maggie :)

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